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Uncompromising Commitment to Future Medicine

By integrating medical, biological, and analytical excellence, Transgenion develops tools for precision medicine against the most challenging Chronic Inflammatory Diseases (CIDs) of advanced age.

First Focus
More CIDs
Company Milestones

Important Milestones in our progress to Personalized Medicine

By integrating extensive medical and biomolecular research over two decades, Transgenion has developed a revolutionary set of clinically validated biomarkers. These markers serve as targets for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), one of the leading CIDs in the world.

2001 - 03

Development of Vienna COPD Study concept

2002 - 04

Development of RESOLVE 
Organ Fibrosis: Secondary repair with/without inflammation

Development of RESOLVE study concept allowing for the systematic comparison of Wound healing and Chronic inflammation in 26 clinically relevant CID plus/minus organ fibrosis.

Analyzed CIDs
2004 - 07

Successful Funding

€ 4.6 Mio.
Relevant CIDs
€ 14.9 Mio.
2007 - 13

COPD Target Identification Clinical-Molecular Profiling Pilot trial

2008 - 14

Study System for comparing wound healing & inflammation with/without organ fibrosis

Study duration
6 years
Analyzed CIDs

Founding Transgenion

2015 - 23

Granting 25 patents for COPD in the EU, US and Japan.

The list of all patents, including links, can be found on our Investors Relations page.

Investors Relation
"Transgenion will bridge the challenging gap between applied clinical sciences and pharmaceutical industry to establish regenerative precision medicine for the world’s aging societies."

Prof. Dr. Rolf Ziesche

Inventor, Founder & CEO

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